Leupold Mojave 10×42 Binoculars Review

   Reviewed Binoculars:​ Mojave 10x42

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    Open bridge design to comfortably hold
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    Aluminium body makes it Lightweight & durable
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    Nitrogen filled for water-proof & fogproof
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    fully multi coated, Extra-low dispersion lenses
  • smaller field of view
  • Price

Looking for high performing binoculars which you can hold and view for very long hours without straining your arms or eyes? Leupold Mojave, with its open bridge design, lightweight aluminum body, and good optical resolution make the prolonged viewing from the binoculars a great pleasure.

Key Features

  • The open bridge design, we think is the ideal design for holding a binocular for the prolonged view.
  • Aluminum body makes it lighter in weight and can comfortably hold it for a longer duration.
  • Multi-coated, Extra-low dispersion lenses give crisp and clear view closer to natural colors.
  • Nitrogen gas filled to make it waterproof & fogproof. Can carry these on your boating trip.
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    Comes in typhoon black and oak treestand finish. Its rugged look and design make it stand apart from other binoculars.


Leupold is a great brand from America manufacturing optical instruments from 1907. Does Leupold`s Bx-3 Mojave Binoculars live up to the reputation? Are they worth the price?

Optical features (4.5/5)

Its multi-coated, Extra-low dispersion lenses give a clear & crisp view and the colors closer to reality. Its 10X magnification is suitable for hunting in open areas, bird watching and for most of the general purpose. 42mm objective lens is good enough for the low light hunting in the evenings.

Construction features(5/5)

It is roof prism binoculars and on top of it, its open bridge design makes it very convenient to hold and easily adjust the focus with both the hand. Unlike most of the binoculars with the plastic body, this one has the premium aluminum body. Its low weight aluminum body is another factor which makes it very convenient in the hands.

Its filled with nitrogen gas to make it waterproof and fog proof. Its rugged look and aluminum material body, lightweight, waterproof/fog proof, withstanding all weather conditions makes it ideal for any rough and tough activities like hiking, trekking, boating etc.

Convenience features(4.5/5)

The center focus wheel is very smooth and close focus distance is under 7.5 feet. 6.2 degrees of angular field of view provides a good view and better than most others at this price range.

Price (4/5)

From an average user`s standpoint of view Mojave Bx-3 might seem little costly as we find other binoculars with similar features and specs. But all binoculars are not equally made in spite of common features. Leupold is a great brand and each of their product lives up to their reputation. The quality of the material, lenses, design is superior to other cheaper alternatives. If it is not a burden on your pocket, it is highly recommended and worth its price.

How does it compare?

The same magnification & objective lens dimension, 10X42 more or less serves the same purpose as Mojave 10x42, comes at a lower price. But it comes with a rubber armored chassis unlike aluminum chassis of Mojave. Also, lenses and image quality seem superior in Mojave. It has a better field of view (319 ft/ 1000 yd) compared to Mojave`s 267 ft/ 1000 yd.

The primary advantages over Mojave 10x42 are a better field of view and price.

Same objective lens dimension but less magnification than Mojave 10x42. That makes it more compact and lighter in weight. It can be very comfortably carried along while traveling. 8x42 is recommended for hunters hunting in bushers while 10x42 is recommended for hunting in open areas. Also, 8x42 is lower in price.

If you prefer compactness, you could go for it.

It comes with the widest field of view (351 ft/ 1000 yd) in this range. It is also little lower in price compared to Mojave 10x42 and serves the more or less same purpose. It comes with durable rubber armor coating and it is an all terrain binoculars.

On the whole, we like the Mojave 10x42 for its slick open bridge design, low weight, the rugged aluminum body which can withstand all weathers and terrains. On top of it, the brand Leupold. Go for it if your budget permits.


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