Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binoculars Review

   Reviewed Binoculars: Nikon  Monarch ATB 12x42

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    Fully multicoated lenses
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    Phase-correction coated prisms
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    Rubber coated armour
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    Multi-Setting Click Stop Eyecups
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    100% fog proof and waterproof


  • Bulky

Have you just taken up birding as a hobby and you need a pair of excellent binoculars for sighting, but you can’t seem to find them? The lightweight, rubber-armored Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12x42 Binoculars will certainly be of great help and, unlike other similar items, will not cause any eye strain.

Key Features

  • They are waterproof and fog proof, which means your sighting won’t be compromised in bad weather.
  • The Close Focus Distance feature allows you to focus on close prey (a distance of 8.2 ft.).
  • The multi-coated lenses will not make colors look unnatural and will improve the overall quality of the image.
  • Low light performance ensures you won’t have any troubles with focusing on prey at dusk or early in the morning.
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    The rugged rubber cover is durable and minimizes the damage that the binoculars might suffer if dropped.
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    The Multi-Setting Click Stop Eyecups make the binoculars easy to be worn by glass-wearers


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Outdoor Sports


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Nikon needs absolutely no introduction, as it dominates all manufacturers of lenses, cameras, and various photo accessories. But are the Nikon 7296 Monarch ATB 12×42 Binoculars worth it? Well, let’s see!

Optical Features (4.7/5)

The multi-coated lenses provide a surprisingly clear and detailed image. Their huge 12x magnification power makes them perfect for birding in open areas and even for stargazing. The 42 millimeters improve sighting during the early morning, dusk and evening.

Construction Features (5/5)

The rubber coating ensures that your grip on the binoculars will be firm and that they won’t slip out of your hands if wet. The body of the binoculars will not be damaged if dropped to the ground or in water – you can take them when hiking and boating, as well.

Convenience Features (5/5)

The central focus system is one of the main reasons why people love this. It accounts for the fact that your eyes will not become sore or strained, even if you use them for hours at a time. Even though they are bulky, they’re lighter than you might think.

For even more convenience and stability, they can be installed on a tripod. The adjustment wheel moves properly and can be handled with one hand.

Price (4/5)

Some people might find these binoculars to be hugely overpriced. It certainly looks that this is not a problem to many because they know they get the guaranteed Nikon quality. Subsequently, they purchase this item anyway.

We think that the price is 100% justified and reflects the quality of the product – from our standpoint, we can recommend them to all those who have a penchant for birding. They are worth every dollar.

How Does It Compare?

1. Nikon 7576 MONARCH 5 8×42

These also have multi-coated lenses, extra-low dispersion glass, and multilayer prism coatings. The magnification power is a tad smaller (8x), but the lenses are the exact same 42 mm.

The main differences between them are the price and the magnification power. As far as we are concerned, we’re inclined to say that the Monarch 5 has gotten more attention to detail poured into them and are lighter than the Monarch ATB.

One more advantage that the Monarch 5 has over the ATB is the field of view: the former has a FOV of 330 feet, whereas the latter a FOV of 262 feet.

2. Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular

The Vortex and the Monarch ATB have identical specs and are in similar price ranges (though you’ll have to pay $20-$30 more for the Vortex). Just like in the previous situation, the Vortex wins when it comes to FOV.

It has a FOV of a whopping 345 feet, while Monarch ATB’s field of view is just 262 ft. Apart from this rather important difference, they are approximately identical in terms of specs.

3. Nikon 8249 ACULON A211 12×50 Binocular 

The Nikon 8249 is 2x cheaper than the Monarch ATB and it also crushes it when it comes to the size of the objectives and the field of view: the objectives are 50 mm and the FOV is 272 feet, 10x bigger than the ATB’s.
The advantage of the ATB over the 8249 is that it is waterproof and fog proof. There is no specification of this sort regarding the Nikon 8249. These represent the cheapest alternative to a more expensive Nikon.

Our Verdict

We chose to go with the Monarch ATB because, in spite of their rather limited FOV, they are extremely durable and provide a crystal-clear image. They are also incredibly helpful to people who wear glasses.

Their weight is also an advantage (1.5) since it makes them portable by excellence. They are fairly expensive but definitely worth the investment.


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